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Technical Talk: Target tracking control of a mobile robot
Introduction: The presentation will describe a Lyapunov based and a
potential field based control schemes for a mobile robot to track a moving
target. The target’s velocity as well as its position relative to the robot
is considered in formulation of the control problem. Its effect on the
robot’s  manoeuvre is  analysed and   utilised   to moderate  the magnitude
and   fluctuation of  the control effort  (robot velocity) for asymptotic
convergence of the tracking errors.  Simulation  and experimental results
will be present   to show  the effectiveness of the proposed schemes.

Speaker: Dr.  Loulin Huang

Dr. Huang has more than twenty years experience in teaching, research and
development in the areas of robotics, mechatronics and control  in
institutions including  Huazhong University of Science  and Technology
(China),  Singapore Polytechnic (Singapore), Massey University and Auckland
University of Technology (New Zealand) where he is currently an Associate
Professor in Mechatronics.


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